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Snail Eye Face Cream

Snail Eye Face Cream

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Product Specifications:

  • 🌸 KOREAN-BEAUTY-INSPIRED ANTI-AGING FACE MOISTURIZER, formulated with the miracle-doer SNAIL EXTRACT. Found in snail extract ➤ VITAMIN A (RETINOL) to reduce small lines and wrinkles, VITAMIN C to brighten and fortify, VITAMIN E to protect, ALLANTOIN to rejuvenate, COLLAGEN to strengthen, ELASTIN to improve elasticity, GLYCOLIC ACID to exfoliate and illuminate, and LOW-MOLECULAR-WEIGHT HYALURONIC ACID to hydrate and plump the skin.
  • 🌸 RICH RESTORATIVE DAY TIME MOISTURISER ➤ perfectly formulated to alleviate dry, itchy or sensitive skin with simple, but effective ingredients. The chamomile extract soothes irritation and redness while the ABUNDANCE OF PLANT EXTRACTS AND NATURAL OILS (argan oil, cocoa oil, grape seed oil, shea butter) supplements the skin with vital nutrients and moisture, supporting its own regenerative mechanisms.
  • 🌸 NOURISHING, BRIGHTENING, REJUVENATING ➤ numerous benefits in one skin care treatment. The luxuriant texture of the product saturates the skin with valuable vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, providing solid protection against the beauty-destroying environmental aggressors, stimulating regeneration, gradually reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and granting deep, comprehensive restorative care for YOUNGER-LOOKING SKIN. Entrust your skin care to Victoria Beauty and enjoy SMOOTH, SUPPLE, AND LU
  • 💗 OUR PROMISE TO YOU - 100% Guarantee! If you're not completely happy with your purchase, don't hesitate to drop us a line - we'll make sure you get a FULL, NO-HASSLE REFUND, no questions asked refund on the Victoria Beauty Rich Anti-Aging Day Face Cream
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Norene Carter

Dostaaka 18 days Ukr mail, caught up with everything in the air bag. I will test, I will report the results. Thank you very much

Margaretta Glover

The texture is pleasant-but the result will be visible after time

Landen Nolan

I received a parcel very quickly, everything corresponds to the description. The goods are packed well. The smell is neutral, the consistency is dense. As in the work I do not know yet. The shelf life is good.

Kamron Turner

Cream for the skin around the eyes is very good, if you constantly use, then really wrinkles are noticeably smoothed, capacity 30gr, shelf life up to 2024, delivery to Israel to all goods are authentic and really effective, thank you very much to the seller, the purchase is very satisfied, I recommend the seller and his store. Very good cream for the skin around the eyes, I use constantly, I'm in April 2022, it's 50 years old, it's for proof, wrinkles are really smoothed, absor, absor I recommend the seller and his store.

Angeline Wehner

<2en> the products are complete, beautiful packaging, everything is fine, after using the result of not yet used say reliable seller, also thank you in small gifts